Source code for mythx_cli.render.util

import logging
from typing import List, Optional, Tuple

from mythx_models.response import (

from mythx_cli.formatter import util

LOGGER = logging.getLogger("mythx-cli")

[docs]def get_analysis_info( client, uuid: str, min_severity: Optional[str], swc_blacklist: Optional[List[str]], swc_whitelist: Optional[List[str]], ) -> Tuple[AnalysisStatusResponse, DetectedIssuesResponse, AnalysisInputResponse]: """Fetch information related to the specified analysis job UUID. Given a UUID, this function will query the MythX API for the analysis status, the analysis' input data, and the issue report. Furthermore, filtering parameters can be passed to remove certain SWCs or severities from the returned report. """ LOGGER.debug(f"{uuid}: Fetching report") resp: DetectedIssuesResponse = LOGGER.debug(f"{uuid}: Fetching input") inp: Optional[AnalysisInputResponse] = client.request_by_uuid(uuid) LOGGER.debug(f"{uuid}: Fetching status") status: AnalysisStatusResponse = client.status(uuid) LOGGER.debug(f"{uuid}: Applying SWC filters") util.filter_report( resp, min_severity=min_severity, swc_blacklist=swc_blacklist, swc_whitelist=swc_whitelist, ) # extend response with job UUID to keep formatter logic isolated resp.uuid = uuid return status, resp, inp